Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Scarsdale Fair II

Come, my pretty, and comb your hair;
Fun is waiting at Scarsdale Fair!
Leave your seat upon the stair,
And sunny view at the window there.

Let's make the most of the golden days,
As we do of summer's lush bouquets,
And let not the heyday slip away,
For what now happens, time replays.

Scarsdale Fair is greatest by far.
Scarsdale Fair is where the people are.
Scarsdale Fair is most singular.
Scarsdale Fair is honey in a jar.

Let's go where happiness reigns,
And taste of pies, eat sugarcanes;
See what new wonders life contains,
Beyond the country lanes.

It's been awhile since cock last crew;
So, put on your pretty red shoe.
I'll don my new hat and so will you-
And discover Scarsdale anew!
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