Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Scarsdale Fair

Let's go to Scarsdale Fair!
So, comb down your pretty hair.
There'll be lots of people there;
There'll be laughter in the air!

Let's try for lots of prizes.
They'll have them in all sizes.
We'll leave soon after the sun rises.
I'm sure there'll be many surprises.

Scarsdale Fair is famous for fun.
Scarsdale Fair is second to none.
Scarsdale Fair is pleasure homespun.
Scarsdale Fair is our day in the sun!

Let's go where the skies are blue;
And joys are many, cares are few.
We'll follow redbird and robin, too;
And kiss the morning dew.

Come, put on your prettiest dress!
Yes, put on your prettiest tress.
The time we'll have, you just can't guess.
We'll leave while all is stillness.
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