Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Sadie Sunshine

In blue jeans and a large floppy hat,
Charming as the hot, southern morn;
She hears songbirds go this way and that-
And scarecrows are still as the corn!

Scented Sadie softly, secretly, smiles.
Whatever notions could be in her mind?
Her pleasure in beauty radiates for miles,
Like the stars that twinkle, though blind.

Sunny Sadie spreads such singular spirit,
As the lusty hues of nature clash and blend!
Like blossoms, sweet joyfulness she emits,
Like a high fashion model's newest trend!

Sensuously sweet, she casts a secret spell,
For she is the heartthrob of still summer!
Famed pearly teeth, of blissful living tell,
Like the fair visions that arise in slumber.

She shimmers, spins sparkly, spicy sensations,
Throughout the hot days and the inky nights.
Strawberry girl, loves to dance and twirl,
Sassy, slender stunning, strikingly bright!
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