Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Oh, My Heart

My very tender heart, the essence of my soul,
Is captivated by my love, who makes me whole.
My red, red heart, enjoying the ruby sunset,
And suchlike beauty, it won't let me forget!

My bleeding heart, wounded by love's arrows,
Like the painful prick, of a fragrant rose.
My heart of gold, sharing while it is caring,
So the hardships of others, to be bearing.

My crossed heart, pulsing with pure honesty,
As orange dawn, gives true noonday prophecy!
My heart's desires, in my wakeful dreaming,
Mad colorful days, when birds are screaming!

My sinking heart, when I've grown discouraged,
Waiting for the sunshine, when blooms flourish.
My warm heart when it is touched by another,
Like rainbow blooms when warm breezes shudder!
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