Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Mystery Date or Strange Man

Colored lights mesmerized shadows as we danced.
With his presence, the night was entranced.
Who was he, and why did he make me feel?
But clouds of mystery his persona conceals!

For across the dance floor, his eyes found mine.
The music was heaven, his dancing divine.
The eve was magic in a special way,
Like a walk in the gardens of summer's heyday.

That all eyes were upon us, he seemed unaware.
My heart melted beneath his dark stare.
I know that this bond will not be estranged,
When again we meet, it will be unchanged.

It seemed that I'd known him another place before,
And danced the same dance on another dance floor.
As my mind wanders back, of this I am sure-
Tangerine sunset was our romantic overture!

I long to see him, gaze into his face.
Those graceful dance steps once more to retrace.
Step forth, as from a scene by renoir-
I know you'll find me, wherever you are!
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