Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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My One and Only

My one, my own, most special star,
Beams such love from afar;
Precious, most pure rays of light,
Heaven's best and sure delight.

Winsome, loveliest, eternally true.
Silvery shadows tinged of blue;
This rarefied treasure-how fine!
A love that could surely be mine.

Deepest, shimmeriest kind of glow.
What more love a heart can know?
Saddest, bluest when you depart;
Could only see you within my heart.

Satiny, silky, serene-so sweet!
Lustrous when our paths they meet.
And when the snow begins to fall,
To my heart does this season call.

My one, my own most solitary star,
Everlasting flame from heaven afar,
That shines through a like so true,
And makes me fall for you!
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