Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Mr. Sunshine

He is truly divine,
This heart of mine!
He's my oldest friend,
And a friend to the end.

The Master of glory,
And the bible's story,
One of peace and love,
And blessing from above.

The rose petals open,
To let the sun pour in;
And all nature awakes,
To the joy He makes!

The love that He brings,
Makes church bells ring!
Radiant Mr. Sunshine,
You are on my mind.

He is peace in turmoil;
And makes evil recoil.
Only goodness in the love,
That heaven's made of!

We live by His Word,
For His word we heard.
He lights up the soul,
When heaven's the goal!

No need to ever worry,
He lately comes early;
And His miracle once sent,
Can alter every event.

Merciful Mr. Sunshine,
You shine all the time!
And are a friend in need
And help me to succeed.

A true lover of hearts,
And where beauty starts.
Also a lover of nature,
With its wonders so pure.

Grand destiny's doer and-
The Man with the plan.
Consequential Mr. Sunshine,
You are on my mind.

A soul's steady seeker,
And earth shaking teacher.
A love when so flowering,
Must become overpowering!

Gracious Mr. Sunshine,
Brightest light of mine,
With whose helping hand,
I am ever able to stand.

He is in the dawn meadow,
And the hued sunset glow,
And knows love's passion,
And endless compassion!

Such a heavenly radiance,
Is the benevolent advance,
And so unearthly bright,
When we are in His sight.

Though troubles may call,
I stumble and do not fall;
For He solely has the power,
To resolve any unhappy hour.

By His grace, a love supreme,
And birdsong in the ravine,
And green gardens all around,
Alluring to sight and sound!
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