Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Les Nouveaux Jours Frais

In the pale sunshine of a springtime morn,
As fresh as the dawn before it was born,
Such creamy clouds, grace a deep blue sky,
After the midnight of rain has passed by.
Plum purple blooms, leave scented traces,
As butterflies appear in unlikely places,
In hues of green, white, orange and gold,
As bees hum to the drummer in the marigold!
Baby bluebirds peep in tranquil treetops,
While the caress of breezes is felt nonstop.
Plump red strawberries and mulberries glisten,
And you can hear geese honk, if you listen,
As they swim away the hours on placid pond,
Framed by emerald rushes and trees beyond.
Pearly beads are scattered along the grass,
Where countless, fragrant snowdrops mass.
In the sunny days of innumerable births,
That cause gaiety everywhere upon the earth!
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