Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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In the Good Old Days

We were all much younger, happier then,
And untouched by heartache, sadness;
In dreams, we go back again and again,
And bring to our hearts gladness!

From Grandpa Frank, father of the Fields,
And Miss Pauline, who married his boy;
The hand of fate's no longer concealed,
As countless descendents live the joy.

When we were young, our parents were, too,
And each day was a new surprise;
When we were young, all skies were blue,
And life was sunrise, apple pies!

In the good old days, we laughed a lot,
And were high spirited and free;
And remembered what time had forgot,
And was unable to foresee.

In the beginning, we were carefree,
Back in those young love days;
I caught a glimpse of all eternity,
Once, in the good old days!
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