Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I Sensed a Change

While I was walking through a meadow, of blooms and sunshine,
I stopped to spread my blanket, for a gay picnic at lunchtime.

It was very pleasant, and I had brought many good things to eat.
Afterwards I took a refreshing nap, in the cozy summer suite!

Upon awaking I walked some more, and then chose to take a swim,
And on the way I whistled, happy as a birdie singing on a limb!

When I reached the creek, I stripped down to my green swimsuit,
And I approached the cliff, and dove in with an elated hoot!

And felt a jarring blow to the head, as I had fallen from my bed!
There was now only pain, for my sweet dream had suddenly fled.

With my nighttime shattered, I resolved to have some breakfast,
For when the past is surely gone, it's look to the future we must!

Yet I realized then that my vision, had become somewhat blurry,
But it slowly cleared up, so I assumed there was no need to worry.

Then I had a strange premonition, that things were about to change,
Like springtime's warm breezes, affirm nature will soon rearrange!

Because it was the weekend, I needed to shop for more groceries,
I was out of milk and bread, and I wanted to get some more cookies.

So, after a light breakfast, I headed for the local supermarket,
Attired in a light blue dress, and wearing a floppy hat scarlet.

And soaking up the joyfulness of summer, I hummed a popular tune,
Like the gaiety of the gold sun, at it's prime time of high noon!

Then I stopped to admire a trilling cardinal, in a tall oak tree,
But was quite shocked to discover, the action occurred behind me!

I had never once turned myself around, so how could I have seen,
This summertime crooner, rhapsodizing on his tree limb so green?

Although it's true that any sound, can travel on a warm breeze,
How can it be possible, to have keen sight that is 360 degrees?

It was as if some part of my vision, was occurring in my mind,
A newly acquired power of telepathy, that I was surprised to find.

I saw the people walking behind me, and also those on either side,
And the birds, blue skies, and aircraft way above me, besides!

At the market I didn't have, the usual need to search for items,
Like the sudden development that dispels, need for usual customs.

I was able to sense what lay, in the ranges beyond normal vision,
A universe that up until now, had remained persistently hidden.

I was happy my shopping was all done, in a third of the usual time,
Like the joy of an early summer flower, blooming in the springtime!

The walk back to my house, was just as interesting and as scenic,
I enjoyed the extra colors and sights, though they defied logic.

In the exhilarating days that followed, I retained my new power,
As the scent of the bloom remains the same, after a summer shower!

I came to a decision, to put my new endowment to a benevolent use.
By joining the Police Force, perhaps I could help violence reduce.

My very first day on the job, I prevented a great deal of crime,
By seeing the criminals approaching, and nabbing them just in time!

I thought of myself as a superhero, yet none knew of my superpower,
I could work better without distractions, or hard queries to answer.

I shone as a police officer, with much crime solving to my credit,
And it was the dream of this one officer, to make everyone legit!

Sometimes upon a clear and starry night, with boredom I would cope,
By observing the stars, galaxies, and planets, without a telescope!

I also became an observer of the wild, and discovered new species,
As there is always newness in nature, on earth, in skies or seas!

I eventually left the police department, to become a successful spy,
And traveled all around this world, always employing my 'private eye.'

I uncovered many conspiracies, and some of them were quite serious,
Which, of course, made the conspirators more than a little furious.

Like the fury of blue skies, after a gold sun has just departed;
So that following a stormy tantrum, he returns to where he started!

I am retired now, following a lifetime of satisfying public service,
And I have several passionate hobbies, that are far less dangerous.

Astronomy is one of them, and I've discovered new planets and stars;
And with my love of travel, I've seen much of this world of ours.

I am so grateful when I think back, that in my youth I saw the light,
And decided to serve humanity, with my rare gift of enhanced sight!
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