Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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His Holy Word

Heart raptures are often revisited,
When poring over the things He said;
And as a rousing drama replays again,
All evergreen is love's aged domain!

Words of prophets in the mind recur;
The divine tales of each messenger-
How Moses by God obtained the law,
Then merciful Jesus, who had no flaw.

When evening comes quite softly and,
Blossoms His shadow all over land,
When hoot owl and all creation sighs,
Prayers rise to purple satiny skies!

His story is warm as sunshine gold,
And our destiny His word had foretold,
Like fireflies foreshadow the night,
And as excessive darkness heralds light!

He revealed the way to live in love,
In beauty joyful as rampant foxglove!
It's no wonder all of nature sings,
Crypts of saints have eternal spring!
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