Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Giggle, Hop and Skip

Into the woods I strolled one day, with my twin sister,
For if I had left her behind, I'd surely have missed her.
We were looking for wild strawberries, but we got lost,
Under the warm sun shining, as breezes blew very soft.

We wandered for a while, then we sat to rest by a lake,
And after eating strawberries, we saw a talking snake.
He had seen us walking, and he took us partway home,
Then a pink bunny guided us, so we didn't roam alone.

Red and pink flowers danced, to the whims of wild wind,
And they giggled and talked to us, as we turned a bend.
Fluffy clouds waved from above, as green froggy hopped,
Doing a lily pad skip, and pointing the way as he stopped.

Finally, a big gold and blue bird, led us out of the woods.
We said goodbye then, and dashed home in happy moods.
We got baskets full of strawberries. We'd had a lovely day,
In the enchanted woods, where animals talk, laugh and play!
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