Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Fresh as May

I was born in everlasting springtime, as happenstance often does to others,
Like natural green halls wherein joy sings, to its wilder sisters and brothers.

I was situated in mellowed sunshine, like a colorful ship on the bronzed sea,
With innumerable blooms to catch the breezes, in a beautiful world carefree.

My indelible name is Honeysuckle, for my transitory scent spreads for miles,
Awakening warm hearts to springtime, and bringing on the delicious smiles!

I was robustly healthy and happy, in my prominent place by the porch stair,
Enjoying the perky sun and moonbeams, flowing diamonds in the spring air.

Nearby was my beloved, fair friend, Rose, who was sweet and spicy scented,
Like the elation of saffron morning, where youthful freshness is represented.

And in a corner of the garden was the crabapple, beside the tall evergreens,
Covered in masses of pink flowers, while engrossed in clever scent schemes.

In its branches lived crimson cardinals, singing underneath lapis lazuli skies,
Like flickering stars which keep returning, in a cosmic dance that never dies!

Furthermore, there were other bloomers, always going for the precious gold,
Like the precious memories which enthrall us, once we find that we are old.

Then there were the transitory people, sitting down by my side in pure bliss,
Inhaling deeply of my spicy fragrance, like fleeting joys which we shall miss.

They visited me in tranquil starlight, and the brilliance of mellow afternoons,
From season to plummy season, as elegant swans visit languorous lagoons.

And there was laughter in the garden, during celebrations and other revelry,
Happy times which came on so fast, although they left in a surprising hurry.

I loved the rich, abundant sunshine, but I also adored the refreshing rains,
Leaving happiness in green gardens, and along the beautiful, country lanes!

Fresh and wonderful was my world then, as the rosewood dawn at first light,
When silent, silvery stars were yet apparent, like the cherry sun at twilight!

Butterflies flitted from bush to flowers, red ones, golds and green surprise,
Until they left for their cooler resting places, with lovely stars in their eyes.

While local nimble squirrels scampered feverishly, busily going everywhere,
Like the blurred hands of a gilded clock, ticking off eternity from anywhere.

With the chipmunks, rabbits and honeybees, I experienced a world so new,
As fireworks introduce color to jet night, and blossoms daily experience dew.

The roaring, mighty ocean played its repertoire, from a distance not too far,
Like murky clouds in the skies weeping, over the sea's elaborate memoirs!

But dazzling sunshine is always returning, at times with the sparkly rainbow,
Like irrepressible wandering seasons, diffusing fragrant magic where they go!
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