Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Fast Forward

I was going to be late to work again, as it was one of those days,
When one small mishap after another, made for way too many delays.

Lateness had become a genuine problem, to a person craving order,
As the sea craves additional space, at the sandy shoreline border.

I was late to medical appointments, to shows and to dinner dates,
Tardy like the evening sun, coloring skies before a night breaks!

This day might have been lovely, for it was at the edge of July,
When beautiful blooms crowd the morning, and no one wonders why.

With a sigh of sheer frustration, I finally rushed from the house,
Like birds fleeing a summer's storm, to keep from becoming doused!

I turned the car's ignition, blinked twice and the scenery changed;
Then I saw I'd arrived at work, somehow ahead of time-how strange!

The boss remarked that I was early, and she seemed very surprised,
Like the beauty of a newly opened bloom, in a bud once disguised.

I was so vastly relieved, that I refused to argue with the magic,
Whilst facts and figures are vital, life is more than mere logic.

I had a happy, productive day, and drove home in evening shadows,
Whistling a tune to the summer night, driving past sleepy meadows.

I awakened the next morning, to suffused pink and golden sunlight,
Wondering how night had turned so quickly, to a new dawn's delight!

It was at last the tranquil weekend, at the opposite end of hectic,
In the waning hours of August, when feverish blossoming is classic.

After an uneventful forenoon, I prepared to meet friends for lunch,
But before long I came to realize, I was in another time crunch.

Determined to escape the same old rut, I then stepped up my pace,
In the age old quest to outrun time, like a starling without grace.

When I finally left the house, it was with a real sense of defeat,
Walking to the pronounced rhythm, of summertime's wanton drumbeat!

I soon found that my car had a flat, thereby creating more delay,
Like an impromptu stop in beauty's garden, to gather love bouquets.

And so I set out walking, until sudden dizziness and blurred vision,
Made me pause in utter confusion, and much disoriented indecision.

Incredibly I saw as my vision cleared, I was now at my destination;
And my mad dash had been averted, moreover improving my reputation!

Like the sudden appearance of sunshine, that had averted the storm,
And instead of bringing the chaos, had left you safe happy and warm.

My friends were all so amazed, and they could not believe it was me,
As robin can't credit his luck, at finding ripe cherries on the tree!

We had a truly wonderful day, laughing all through golden afternoon,
The kind of day you remember when aged, staring at the harvest moon.

We finally parted gaily for home, when the east met the sunset west,
And the early moon followed me, just glimmering in her satiny dress!

On Monday I had to miss work, in order to keep a dental appointment,
My car yet had a flat tire, though I was tardy, to my disappointment.

So I got on the bus and I paid my fare, as I wished that I had wings,
Like the noontide of impoverished winter, wishes for the finer things.

But to my absolute amazement, blurred vision and dizziness returned,
And again I had found my destination, like touching the sun unburned.

I happened to be a bit early, and the amazed receptionist was beaming,
And though I felt pangs of regret, I knew I wasn't beyond redeeming!

For promptness comes from the heart, and is most considerate behavior;
And lends order and pleasantness to life, as do the cycles of nature.

Time's fast forwarding ended from then, for I never needed it again,
In the same way that a fine new watch, precludes much asking of when!
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