Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Dressed to Chill

A huge yellow moon is glimmering, and a chill wind's in ghostly trees.
This night was made for magic, so we'll get dressed in our very best!
Sable black lipstick for me, and a smoky gray for my brooding eyes,
And lovely rosy red makeup for you, crowned by a silky, orange wig.
The obsidian night is still very young, and we will be gone for hours,
Like juicy fruit patiently ripening, in locations of sunshine and green.
My sleek, midnight black dress, and matching pointy hat, will be a hit,
And your red nose and bright polka dots, will be the height of fashion!
Crows are cawing, the cats are screeching, and bats are flying north-
The luxurious party is waiting, and will be filled with the best dressed.
So, I'll take my stylish broom, and you your pretty, brilliant balloons,
It's just a short walk through dark woods, before we knock them dead!
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