Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Dragonfly Storm

In recent years I had grown so forgetful, like noon without memory of night.
I forgot special events and sundry items, like books, my phone, or flashlight.

It was turning into a frightful nuisance, like long shadows chasing after gold,
And I sought to school myself into better habits, before older ones took hold.

My family tried to help aid my memory, with memo pads and daily planners,
Like one who embarks on a rigorous quest, until the mystery yields answers.

I resided in a beautiful, natural setting, near jade woods, a lake and a pond,
In the time of the jeweled roses, so with lovely nature, I had formed a bond.

I enjoyed weekend camping, long rambling hikes, and spontaneous picnics,
Like one with a looming, birthday, who looks forward to more of life's magic!

I enjoyed my job as a librarian, because books are an avid reader's paradise,
Like pretty birds destined to be singing, 'til there is nothing left to melodize.

I was happy with vivid daily living, and I was happy with idyllic country life,
Like sunlit lanes of exultant flowers, where unexpected, rich colors are rife.

Warm dawns were magenta and marmalade, and evenings, purple passion,
And rich green grasshoppers leapt in grasses, as if in some joyous reaction!

Golden weekends were spent in sunshine pursuits, through its many facets,
And I loved watching all the wild animals-squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits.

Evenings were often spent on my porch, swinging under pale, vibrant stars,
And the sound of croaking frogs carried, quite a distance, from the marsh.

One day I took a long hike through the woods, like a fragrant rose rambling,
Never certain which direction I'd take, like a lovely shooting star, gambling.

The forecast had said a slight chance of rain, but I'd forgotten my umbrella,
Like the lateness of the hour and her slipper, were forgotten by Cinderella.

I had a small picnic basket for later, and a kind sun was lavishing pure gold,
Like a miner who has suddenly struck it rich, feeling fresh raptures untold!

I emerged from the woods after a long trek, and soon I was at the lakeside,
And the scene was one of magic, for it was filled with bejeweled dragonflies!

I settled on the grass to eat my lunch, while enjoying the enchanting scene,
As dragonflies of many colors, flew near the blue lake, like blooms on green.

Birds were singing top songs, in one of those memorable, perfect moments.
Then rain began falling as sun shone, adding sparkle to jeweled movements!

The glittering dragonflies darted all about, in a suddenly, silvery golden rain,
Like one making the most of a magic moment, as it may never come again!

In my dowsed enchantment, I leapt up and joined, that mesmerizing dance,
Like one who gets up early and eagerly, to thrill to an orange sun's advance.

Forgetfulness no longer worries me, not since that quite memorable storm,
As sometimes we should remember to forget, and it won't do a bit of harm!
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