Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I've never considered myself nosy, I just care about people that's all,
The way gardeners care about roses, when colored leaves start to fall.

But like chaotically spattered sunsets, often things can get confused,
Like the times I interfered to help, only to have help firmly refused!

I had never comprehended why anyone, would rather make a huge mistake,
Like the mistaken sunshine that beams golden, on the day of heartbreak.

I even offered advice to strangers, but never with intent to dominate,
Only intending to offer my support, to one with too much on their plate.

Like trees proffering unfailing support, to the birds, bees and others,
Sheltering them from cold, wind and rain, under emerald canopy covers.

Whilst those who knew me understood me, some thought I was plain nosy,
Like when full moon chances to intrude, when skies above are yet rosy.

I could not seem to help it, when presented a dilemma I had to opine,
In the way trees laden with fruit, are where birds are tempted to dine!

I was usually a very happy person, but when spurned it hurt my feelings,
As storm clouds cry bitter tears, when sun doesn't find them appealing.

At my workplace I was a manager, and therefore people looked up to me,
As the moon looks to diamond stars, and the past, to things yet to be!

My neighbors were very friendly, but ofttimes were somewhat reserved,
As a cautious driver to avoid a pothole, finds he has suddenly swerved.

One warm and beautiful June morning, just past the chancy days of rain,
I saw a lady walking the weekend, and her left sleeve had a tiny stain.

Being who I am, I headed right over, but my two feet would not obey me,
Instead they carried me in another direction, purposefully and rapidly!

My feet didn't stop until, they reached an environmental protection rally,
Being held out in God's sunshine, like a house covered in greenest ivy!

Before long I was in the spirit of things, and an enthused participant,
Here was a doorway to benefitting many, and without appearing insolent.

From there my feet found a soup kitchen, where once more I volunteered,
Noways was I now the one in charge, for promptly I was the commandeered.

Next stop was an animal shelter, where I pledged a few hours on weekends,
And so happy I was to discover inside me, the joy of these caring trends!

I returned home tired as red sunset, yet with a feeling of satisfaction,
Like knowing you tried to help someone, whilst the effort's far from won.

On subsequent days off my feet, brought me down myriad avenues of caring;
And I found to my vast relief, that there is more than one way of sharing!

And that my attempts at helping others, would not repeatedly go unheeded,
Once I'd learned the valuable lesson, to give help only where it's needed.

And there are also many times, when help may be needed, but is not wanted,
So you must respect the rights of others, withdrawing the offer undaunted.

Like the purple berries on the bushes, offer summer's standing invitation,
And just knowing that they are always there, very often induces temptation!

For awhile my feet kept on leading me, along different pathways of change,
Like the curving pathways of glittery stars, so distant lovely and strange.

Nowadays my feet in no case ever lead me, upon any saffron blossoming day,
For now that I have grown wiser, it's my devoted heart which leads the way!
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