Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Be Mine

Be mine. My sunny little valentine.
Be true. As blackbird to skies of blue.
Be shine. As stars, and night so fine.
Parlez-vous. Is it love I see in you?

Be real. Show the heart that you feel.
Be more. Than ones I've known before.
Ideal. Like pretty flowers in a field.
Don't ignore. Love waits at the door.

Likelihood. Fate behaves as it should.
Clocks chyme. And whisper summertime.
Understood. Love blooms, if it would.
Sublime. Music plays at moon's prime.

Be sure. That this love will endure.
Be now. This moment shines, and how!
So obscure. Great mystery and allure.
Anyhow. Moonlight magic will endow.

Be fair. As scents wafting everywhere.
Be mine. When in love, you give a sign.
None compares. To the music in the air!
Be mine. And never know a love decline.
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