Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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An Eloquent Silence

I was once argumentative, though I am not at all proud of the fact,
I was extremely opinionated, expressing my views with little tact.

It is not that I was malicious, but I really thought I knew it all,
Like the sunset's maximum power, colors skies just before the fall.

Always highly sensitive, to perceived infringements of my rights,
With friends or perfect strangers, I engaged in many verbal fights.

Like a volcano that is always struggling, to keep the fire within,
Until its unavoidable release, like lovers when they are kissin'!

I was young and hadn't yet gained, the wisdom it takes one to see,
That sometimes it is right to be wrong, and to admit it honestly.

Like a vivid bouquet says I'm sorry, I did not mean what was said,
Or a roving sun says it with colors, just before going off to bed!

My friends and family over looked it, and they loved me as I was,
For often when asked why do we love, one can only say it's because.

As red butterflies can not discern, their visits to certain blooms,
But only know the strange attraction, to particular exotic fumes!

On a sweltering day of the summer, while shopping I argued a price,
Although I am nobody's fool, I can see now my conduct wasn't nice.

Before long came the shouting, as I had gotten myself into a state,
Over some slight perceived wrong, like vivid blooms that arrive late!

I stood in self absorbed passion, then suddenly I heard not a word,
For the world had abruptly gone silent, like rainbows left uncolored.

When I no longer heard myself raving, a deep silence occurred to me,
As there is never rolling thunder, when the storm's not soon to be.

The sales clerk stared on in wonder, because of this turn of events,
And I couldn't hear a word she said, like silent autumn so intense!

So I just paid and departed, completely forgetting why I'd been mad,
As when the rosy sun is glowing, one can not remember how to be sad.

In the sunshine deep silence, I saw a world I'd never really seen-
Blue skies and clouds of cream, and everywhere such vibrant green!

Brilliant birds mimed the songs, that I found I was lately missing,
Like the multicolored sunset, of golden afternoon is reminiscing!

Though the world was still the same, it was I who'd begun to change,
As in one's wildest vivid dreams, where all of the colors rearrange!

Walking home through the emerald lanes, I noticed two men arguing,
But I could not hear a single word, though I knew both were losing.

For if no one is listening at all, then whoever can hear a sound?
And the words die an untimely death, wilted blooms upon the ground!

Later from habit I watched the news, and I saw the footage of war,
And perceived no one was listening, something I'd not known before.

If we stopped talking and listened, we would see and hear so much,
For to be considerate of others, with ourselves we must lose touch!

And that is a very good thing, when accomplished to the right degree,
For when people work together, it is together they share a victory!

My hearing returned and in a reversal, I was doing not much talking,
As when beaming noonday sun appears, the shadows get started walking!
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