Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago


Birds rise on bluest skies, amen;
Candle rites at religious sites, amen.
Redder birds, nature stirred, amen, amen!
Mystery fog and lily pad frog, amen, amen;
Scarlet, sultry, sere, sun sets again, amen.

Total sacrifice and ultimate price, amen;
Rugged cross and gain and loss, amen, amen.
Then the springtime again, amen, amen, amen-
Blossoms swooned, faith ballooned, amen, amen!
Butterflies and wondering eyes, amen, amen.

Very Mary, heaven's queen, amen, amen;
Her likeness never been seen, amen, amen.
Satin skies and mystery eyes, amen-
Truest love, spring turtle dove, amen, amen.
The purest and finest for His Highness, amen!

Night bird calling, teeny bug crawling, amen, amen;
Omnipotent, imminent, beneficent, amen, amen!
Also friend of my pretty wren, amen, amen, amen.
In Whose wake, on angel wings, we rise again, amen,
In taut turbulence, and then and then-triumph, amen!
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