Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Acts of Love

A memory of yellow blooms lives in the heart;
A smile.
Creamy gold dawn hails a propitious start;
Dreamt awhile.
Late last night, the soon ember of today;
Stars twinkled.
Now sublime Mother Nature in exotic array;
And brooks tinkle.
All nature is guided by divine wisdom unseen,
Which is why the lorikeet's home is ever green,
And the moon at primetime evokes such thrills,
And the evening shadows bring whippoorwills!
God sagely keeps track of every human desire,
And keeps the bluejay in the woodland choir,
And makes cobalt skies glow, and warm winds blow,
And pink daisies to emblazon the entire meadow.
It's small wonder nature's so gay under the sun,
And crickets chirp their joy when day is done!
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