Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Museum Ap-art

I'd risen from my bed quite early, in the pale silent sunshine,
And I thought to have a day out, and not waste summer's prime.

The world still was sleeping, but the bluebirds sang a tune,
And blooms held onto dewdrops, until arrival of noonday swoon!

I relished a cup of coffee, along with my toast ham and eggs,
And went for a morning jog, for fun and to exercise my legs.

The sun was fully arisen by then, and skies were azure blue,
And the scenery was coming alive, like a flower long overdue!

I ran through the summertime, in a blur of blooms and of trees,
And flew past the redbirds, their songs echoing in the breeze.

Then I slowed to a pleasant walk, feeling refreshed and happy,
And as the breezes found me, I hummed a tune that was snappy.

I saw that I was now approaching, our metropolitan art museum,
And I knew it'd be enjoyable, in all colors of the spectrum!

As I entered the cool building, I was eager to see all the art,
Especially the particular pieces, that always touched my heart!

So I wandered here and there, deep inside the pleasant interior,
Pondering what to see first, modern art or maybe fine sculpture.

At last I turned into a corridor, to view classical paintings,
For at the hour dawn skies are vivid, is when every robin sings!

This wing seemed unfamiliar, in some way I could hardly fathom,
But I did not allow the feeling, my great enthusiasm to dampen.

So I entered a bright chamber, and was shocked but truly elated,
At an impossible artwork collection, both newer ones and dated!

What first caught my avid eye, was the figure of a crouching man,
That was nearly 20 feet tall, lost in thought, chin upon his hand.

I was in such awe of The Thinker, and it was the original one,
Like the premiere flower ever to bloom, under the orangey sun!

Then turning around I walked, into an impenetrable Lavender Mist,
An expressionist painting by Jackson Pollock, among his finest.

The vibrant colors came alive, seeming to virtually draw me in,
Like the persistency of a dawn fog, concealing where you've been!

My eye was subsequently captured, by a large earring of pearl,
Which was beautifully adorning, a wide eyed and mysterious girl.

The Girl With a Pearl Earring, appeared to be staring right at me,
With her exotic headdress, and also a compelling question, maybe.

I then noticed a captivating figure, reclined in an endless sleep,
It was The Death of Cleopatra, as lovely as the midnight so deep!

Created by a 19th century African American, a giant of her time,
Edmonda Lewis was as divine a sculptor, as sunset at its prime.

I drifted then to the Nighthawks, having their late dinner downtown,
Showing there's still life in the city, after the red sun goes down!

Nearby the Pop Artwork titled "Eggs," was so electrifyingly vivid,
An Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat collaboration-very splendid!

Like the intensity that arrives, after the large storm cloud goes,
Or the gorgeous colors of autumn, when summer comes to its close.

Then looking upwards I beheld, the statue of David, by Michelangelo,
Looking relaxed, but alert and ready, just prior to the fatal blow!

Moving on with eager anticipation, I saw an extremely familiar face,
It was the portrait of a woman, full of intrigue mystery and grace.

Mona Lisa was faintly smiling, against the lush distant backdrop,
My day now held such enchantment, that I never wanted it to stop!

And when I had turned around, I looked into a beautiful Starry Night,
Like a wide eyed hooting owl, when the shimmering full moon is bright.

I was then quite overcome, for the strange scene dazzled my eyes,
Like the amaranth sunrise of summer, searching for a new surprise!

Moving on to see more masterpiece art, I was suddenly taken aback,
To see a wildly Weeping Woman, Pablo Picasso's stirring abstract.

As a solid teardrop flowed to one ear, her anguish was so captivating,
Like a dream that holds you in its grasp, though the dawn is waiting!

Later it was my pleasure to encounter, the haunting Bust of Nefertiti,
Which was crafted by the sculptor Thutmose, around the year 1345 BC.

She looked to be frozen in time, so filled with loveliness and grace,
With her red lips, jewelry and crown, a Mona Lisa smile upon her face.

This chamber I was in seemed to be, quite a bit larger than I thought,
Though I could see the opposite wall, it seemed farther than it ought.

I wanted to see everything at once, but my watch told of night falling,
The museum would be closing soon, and supper and rest were calling.

I determined to return next day, to see more of the amazing new annex,
Like all seasons returning again and again, to see what happens next!

I arrived at the museum early the next morning, in eager anticipation,
But the charmed annex couldn't be found, though I sought in frustration.

Yet the breathtaking beauty of that day, is emblazoned upon my heart,
Like all the rainbow colors gathered, with each one playing its part!
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