Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Matter of Personal Taste

I inherited a restaurant, from my parents who had retired.
It was a classy one, and only the best of staff were hired.

Overseeing its operation, was genuinely a labor of love,
As the noon warming sunshine, oversees lemony clouds above.

My passion and my pleasure, was to create brand new recipes;
And our able chef would have, them on the menu in a breeze.

Those dishes were popular, for I'd had some culinary training;
And customer satisfaction was, to me a most essential thing!

Situated in the heart of the city, our days were so very busy.
And we kept the decor comfortable, stylish and quite pretty.

But by creating a dish which, far surpassed all the others,
I would attain not only my dream, but also Father and Mother's!

Though I had really tried, my goal had not been achieved yet;
And whether it was remotely possible, would be anyone's bet.

Still I labored in my modern kitchen, long hoping to succeed,
Making mouthwatering dishes, some drizzled, and some jellied.

But I recall that starry night, when my whole life was changed;
And my fate took a sudden new course, as if it was prearranged!

I was out enjoying the thrills, of a carnival with my family;
And we had temporarily split up, to see what we could see.

I found myself at the small tent, of a mystic fortune teller,
I was compelled to go inside, and I sat down across from her.

As the reddening sun sets, across the water from the beach,
Waiting for that magic moment, when the stars are within reach!

She slowly turned to me, peering from dark, depthless eyes,
And said my life had in store, for me a very big surprise!

She said that my deepest wish, would soon be granted to me,
As the sunshine is granted to blossoms, wherever they may be!

She said that lucky chance, would soon make this thing happen,
And it would be so much more, than I ever could have imagined.

I was floored by these insights, but was quite delighted too,
As a child delights in a new kite, when sunny skies are blue.

With stars now in my eyes, I left that mysterious lady's tent,
Still meditating on her words, and all they might have meant.

Two weeks after that night, I was all alone in my kitchen,
When I was struck by a sudden, inspiration previously hidden!

I was creating a new recipe, and chose to add many new things,
Including unusual herbs and spices, to give it a certain zing.

As I began to smell the aroma, a very strange thing occurred,
My eyes began to water, as if the delectible news they'd heard!

When my newest dish was ready, I was overanxious to taste it,
And as my mouth practically watered, I knew I wouldn't waste it.

As my tastebuds first perceived, the new flavors created by luck,
I was transported by sudden bliss, while my senses ran amok.

Like the fragrance of summer blooms, transports the honeybee,
As he searches the sunshine days, for the best ones for honey!

After a most enjoyable dinner, such as I had never had before,
I decided to add additional spices, so of flavor it had more.

Since I'd made so very much, it would be served on the next day,
At the restaurant that I owned, and my diligence would soon pay.

The next day my new dish, was served by my staff with smiles,
Before the joyful shouts, as patrons passed out in the aisles!

Complete chaos ensued, as each patron had a different reaction,
Some shouted and some wept, with wild laughter from another faction.

Each person's reaction to the dish, was different from another's,
Although we are much the same, though born of different mothers.

The news crews soon got wind, of the rapidly developing story,
And I crept out of the back door, suddenly craving no more glory.

It's been a year since that day, and I am disguised and in hiding,
For my story was in all the papers. The attention was so frightening!

I discreetly sold my business, and relocated with a new identity,
After notifying my family and friends, whom I often visit secretly.

I bought another restaurant, and this one's a southern town version,
For destroying that novel recipe, was the best thing for everyone.

Yes my dream of making the perfect, edible delight has completely flown,
And I'm a happier person today, since I learned to leave well enough alone!
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