Estelle Jackson

April 13th, 1977, England
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The night is long during a storm.
Between lightning's devastating strikes and
Thunder's cries of pain,
Each moment pulses; elongated and electrified.
The velvet blackness of the sky is timeless;
Minutes and seconds move so slowly
When it's also dark inside.
Each fresh assault highlights the landscape
And reverberates within.
We hold on tight; hold each other up
As we wait to ride out the storm.

Hope emerges with
The light of a bruised dawn.
Like the sky,
We are battered, contused, fatigued;
But beneath it we stand,
Arms and hearts entwined.
Inexperienced and bewildered,
She grasped blindly in the dark.
With the strength of youth,
She pulled us both to our feet.
With determination forged through hardship,
I held her close and refused to let go.
Together, we still stand.
Together, we will weather a new day.
Together, we are stronger than the storm.
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