Eric Beafre

Early March, 2000's - Istanbul
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the Five Poems

For who i used to be
I've been fine
Now i'm used to be
I'll be fine
Now i'm used to me
I've been mine

There is still some stress left
It gets me
Still some distraction
It lets me

Downer than the anything
Time freezes
And breaks into a
Million pieces

I'm once again being toxicated
I'll detoxify myself once again

All the misfortunes come together
Turned into a whole together
That's when i realized i, they've
Opened me a path to gather

Dumb smile on my face
Weird energy gathering
It's hard to hold my face
All words are flattering

When i can’t sing
I need a guitar to sing along
Or something so i can play it out loud
My hunger can’t be satisfied

Oh, what a terrible mistake
To love this life so clarified
This beautiful life, i can’t take it
Too see us humans dirty it

Wandering where i tossed around
Left alone one more time
Deteriorating on spot
Slowly losing my mind
contradicting logic
I’ am mismatched
All the good things on the wrong time
As if it was deliberately setted up
Can’t sprout, can’t get out
wrongly timed, incorrectly set clock
ill timed, ill-founded; mistimed, dispute
wrong proportions and disorganized
inaccurate, can’t find it’s place, misplaced
How to fix that? Baskılanmış, bloklanmış engellenmiş, bastırılmış. Misguided/false guided

4)Dream School
There is a lack of connection
Between us; lacking compassion
Between mind, and body;
like my body and soul.

There again i'm sitting and waiting
As my soul being compressed
With this mind and logic
There is not a single escape

As i turn myself i wonder
What is it there to left
We’re not being’s ourselves
what is it there to rest?

Behavioral paths being myself
I wander,
There is me’s, there is you’s
Here’s me

I wonder

When there is no love but s
Where is my love to s
When there is no more to s
Where is my whole to s

When there is more to s
And there is no love to s
There is no more for s
Or no more for to s

Then there is love to s
When there is love for s
Then where is my love to s
When it’s my love for s
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