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Forbidden Fruit

The poet in me is still so young and free
and does not always behave properly.
I’ve not learned to harness his power yet
and hope you don’t find his poems a threat.

You are a woman of great intrigue to me
One of beauty and enchanting mystery
The very first time I held you in my arms
The feelings I felt triggered many alarms

I said 'this person is not meant for you'
These feelings you are having just will not do
Such passion and desire I cannot control
Even though they are dangerous for the soul

Your two gorgeous and voluptuous breasts
Seem to cry out to me to be caressed
I desire to fondle them with pleasure
and I'm unable to resist such a treasure

My eyes sometimes meet yours and then look away
'This must not progress further' is what they say
Feelings surfaced then that should have remained dead
Words were spoken that should never have been said

I followed up the contact in cyberspace
Causing you alarm instead to my disgrace
My heart pounds when I see you in my in-tray
I read each email wondering what they'll say

I've tried hard to work through this great fantasy
Trying to control the strong feelings in me
You're an intriguing and attractive woman
Awakening such uncontrollable passion

I'll always hold you very close to my heart
But it's better to keep my feelings apart
The times of frivolity between us two
And occasional eye contact will have do

I will content myself with seeing your face
A beaming smile from you still makes my heart race
When we say hello and exchange our greetings
I’ll delight in the joy that each contact brings.
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