Emna Hmani

July 29, 2002 - Tunisia

Angel's cry

The darkness overwhelms me again
But even if I reach out it's all in vain
As the lights fade away
In this eternal abyss i shall stay
Alone, afraid, desperate
Surrendering to my own fate
My feathers are tainted red
I try to spread my wings
But something inside of me is dead
My Angel's dead
Here goes the angel locked inside me
His broken halo would've made me cry
This foreign feeling would've warmed me
But i'm all cold under the sky
Do you hear it, the angel's cry
The angel who's about to die
His cry for the forgotten memories
His cry for the fading melodies
There goes the angel's locked inside me
The broken halo should've shown me light
My destiny awaits me
But i'm already losing the fight.

Can you hear the angel's cry ?
Can't you see he's about to die ?
Can't you make his tears dry ?
Can you hear the angel's cry ?
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