Emma Hernandez

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The Flood

It was sunny
When the flood came
And ripped the old wallpaper

And it revealed
Forgotten names
They sigh; “we can’t escape her”

I worried at first
That all the destruction
Was sure to frighten the guests

And if they had noticed
I would scoff and say
It’s only a casual mess

But no one sees
So there I am
Water taking from me my feet

And most would cry
And most would leave
Most would, rightfully, retreat

But I don’t run
I float in the basement
My belongings swirling about

In the melodramatic
Greens and blues
I’ve longed for in this drought

I feel calm
Water rushes my face
At long last I am free

No walls anymore
In my living space
Just my plumbing and me

Distorted and muffled
A voice calls my name
And drags me up the stairs

Ripped away
To a bone dry room
And a series of dreaded affairs

“A tragedy
The whole flooding thing
A shame how it got so far”

But good thing now
I’m out and saved
Thank the hero, the evening’s star

Alone in my room
And more than before
Gravity weighs me down

And it used to be
When the flooding came
That my family would come to town

I miss the flood
And I miss the sad
I despise the sterile and dry

But I’d be damned
To tell that to
The one who sobs when I cry

So I do my best
To like the weight
Sometimes I claim it drives me

But just between us
The water is home
The flood is what revives me
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