Ellison Mane

August 26, 2002 - Brisbane
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An Evening Encounter

The venue is cosy and familiar;
embracing us for the perfect night.
We’ve been here before: it’s perfect, they know.

A simple meal on the floor-
it’s customary here, they know.
Tonight, sea bass baked in rock salt
with a side of soup:
Delicious and perfect, they know.

We stay in the venue — it’s private — for hours,
they take me in their arms and we sit;
they sway with me — it’s endearing — for hours.
Inviting and warm, they know.

Heat splotches my cheek,
paired with fluttering within my chest.
Not a surprise but a ritual, they know.

The night is everlasting; they’ll be
with me for hours
and we know this is what they do.

So we sit,
we eat salt,
we sway,
we feel heat on my cheek,
we feel fluttering in my chest,
They and me:
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