El Mann

October 20, 2001 - Singapore
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The Mirror

Little Billy Chapman was a good boy he was,
Madam mummy and sir daddy he dared not cross.
"Go stand in the corner!" the teachers would say,
At the lunch table the mean kids often chased him away.
But for little Billy it was not all bad,
For special company he always had.
In the dark solitude he did find
A magic mirror of some kind.
His little secret the world did not know,
The mysterious magic he swore to never show.

Monday afternoon little Billy was in his room,
The weather outside was pouring and the world was a gloom.
He looked out the window and soon heard a sound,
Curious to what it was he then turned around.
Standing in the mirror was a sad-happy clown,
It had a wide smile painted on but he carried a frown.
With its right hand it motioned little Billy to come closer,
Seven red balloons he held in its other.
"Little Billy, let's turn that frown upside down!"
"But who are you, Mr Clown?"
"Bobo is my name,
And being happy is my game!"
"It's pouring and mama would not let me go out to play..."
"Here is a poncho to help keep the rain at bay."
It held out a red balloon to little Billy's hand,
Which became a poncho and away little Billy went.
He soon returned home drenched and muddy,
Mother was furious and a disaster came upon poor little Billy.

Then came Tuesday little Billy went to school,
And he found in his backpack the homework he did not do.
"Your mother shall hear of this!" Miss Hattie said,
Unyielding to the excuses little Billy made.
With heavy strides he went home,
Filled with panic his little mind did roam.
Entering his room the mirror waited to greet him,
The clown holding six balloons looked rather grim.
And one flew from its hand and into little Billy's,
As he held onto it his mind started to freeze.
Just like thunder mummy boomed into the room,
And on her face little Billy saw his doom.

The next day came and the storm did subside,
Under his sleeves the wounds he tried to hide.
Smiles hung on their faces as he boarded the school bus,
As they made fun at little Billy from home and into class.
As the hours went by he was livid,
And when the day was done he was morbid.
He looked in the mirror and saw the clown within,
It was holding five balloons and it popped one with a little grin.
"Why the steam?" it taunted,
As it slowly backed away as though daunted.
Little Billy sat and stare,
But it would seem that the world did not care.

Along came Thursday and he did feel better,
The kiss of the sunshine did make him gladder.
Flowers were blooming and the birds were singing,
And even the long lessons no longer felt boring.
"Everyone at school today was so nice!"
Life felt like rainbows and butterflies.
When he got home little Billy was greeted with a smile,
It was rare but that day the house did not seem dull.
"You look happy, or so it would seem."
It held out one of four balloons and said with a little beam.
He tried to grab it but it flew up to the sky,
In awe he sat and watch as he let out a little cry.
"This is such a great day!
If only everyday could be this way..."

Finally came Friday after a seemingly long week,
Little Billy was so excited he could hardly speak.
He sat through class and waited for the day to end,
As his mind started wandering thinking of the long weekend.
It seemed like eternities but the school bell did sound,
Soon as it did little Billy was nowhere to be found.
"There you are, you little rascal!"
The clown held three balloons as it rode on a unicycle.
"Here's a neat little trick!"
And one balloon puffed into smoke like magic.
Little Billy sat and watched in amazement,
As his mind was still filled with much excitement.

Then came Saturday and it was windy,
The little household was having breakfast and they seemed happy.
Mummy and daddy decided shopping would do them some good,
So they went out like any happy family would.
It would seem a fine happy day and nothing more,
But just then they entered a toy store.
Little Billy and his brother both wanted a toy,
But mummy and daddy decided to only get one for little Roy.
When they got home little Billy cried to the mirror,
For the poor boy had caught the jealousy fever.
The clown appeared and found him blue,
It handed him a balloon saying "One for me, one for you."
Little Billy then tossed it away,
He decided he did not want to play.

Sunday came and little Billy felt empty,
Never in his life had he felt so lonely.
He looked in the mirror and found no one,
Save for a little red balloon tied to a gun.
In his head he heard a voice speak,
"Come, little Billy. Let's make them pay!"
He picked up the gun and heard an echoing laughter,
And around the house he went on a slaughter.
Little Billy soon found himself painted red,
As he stood looking into the mirror by his bed.
"Don't you see it, you little fool?
You are me, and I am you!"
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