Eddie Torres

NYC, November 4th, 1990

A day today

When the sun rises, my eyes open,
To greet the New filled day,
With words to speak and said soft spoken,
In a New filled way,
The birds chirp along their way,
With melodies of praise,
And in my mind I’m glad to say,
I’ve witnessed a new day.
The sky is filled with a blue,
Known only to the sea,
A perfect hue when looked upon,
That fills my soul with glee,
While thoughts of splendor enter my brain,
A warmth fills in my chest,
And on this day,
I’m glad to say,
I’ve lived it,
And I’m blessed,
The grass more green,
The earth more lush,
As time passes it gets better,
So let’s join hands,
Woman and man,
And live this day together.
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