Duwayne Oakes

Tacoma, Washington

A Peek At God's Signs

The Bible bold in thoughts foretold,
God's Spirit in the waters lay.
So take a map, and look and see,
His form in James and Hudson Bay. Christ cried and reigns for God and man,
To give Communion for our day.
A look at Africa will reveal
God formed his head and bread, the way. God's bread's a foot for you to wear -
To church, this message to be told.
His love for you will always be,
The reason for this message bold. God's Spirit as a dove it came,
When John baptized God's son.
In Ireland's form it is the same.
To Isle of Man, you see it come. Now you see what God has planned,
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Spread this word for all to know,
That Earth confirms the way to go. So be baptized in God's own water,
And pledge your life to him.
The Ten Commandments he says obey;
And follow Christ, for He's the way.
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