Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The Thousand Words Said by The Downpour

The rain conjured a sweet pattern on my skin,
The thousands of liquid spheres reflecting the nature,
Each one sings of treasured memories,
Each one kisses my skin and reminds.

It breathes life into this soulless emptiness,
And traces sweet paths on my skin,
As the clouds gather, I feel my soul stir,
Air anticipates the quenching storm awaiting.

These drops come to touch the earth with vibration of their music,
the sensation of flow and joy;
Not the elevated and loud happiness of the rave,
But the sweet serenity of a loving quiet purpose.

As it cascades confidently from the sky,
Each doubt of mine, it kisses away,
And in the happy congregation of water and air,
It brings out the sweet essence of the beautiful nature.

The sky turns a white velvet,
As it sends the rain together, but as pioneers,
And though I am quite drenched and wet,
I just can't tear away from the pretty simplicity, yet divinity playing before my very eyes.
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