Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The Hate You Give

You bring the cycles of destruction on us me
Framing false-heroes, and boosting your conceit,
You flash those cold-blue eyes, and grit your white teeth,
But I just get stronger with the hate you give.

The girl you once proposed under the cherry-blossom trees,
She's long gone, just be replaced with the epitome of bitter hatred,
The hate doesn't ebb, it multiplies, and comes with a greater force,
My crying was manipulation, and my sadness was seeking attention?

All I am hatred, all I am is rage, and I?
I won't give you the goddamn satisfaction of seeing me in a daze,
I'm gonna ruin you, I'm gonna make you pay,
With the strength I gain from your hatred, each day.

Hate has finally colored my soul,
It has spread through my entire system,becoming the center of my life,
The imagined ill will races through my mind,
My knuckles go white, as my fist goes tight.

Hatred has become the sickness of my mind, my heart,
For where hate is, nothing will ever last,
I kick at the for you I ever had,
And with the hate you give, I get stronger fast.
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