Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The Concavity In Me

It's a floor, a rock bottom,
As I hit it, the urge to go up dies,
The mind feels dead inside,
And the heart no longer beats.

No more am I seeking the happier version of me,
No more sunshine, and no more rain,
The darkness has embraced me in it's vile arms,
Gray and black numbing my pain.

No more seeking the rung of the safety,
No more tears, no strain,
I just let it come, drop by drop,
And feel like it's the coming of the ocean.

They say it can't rain forever,
They say it won't hurt forever,
But after all, they have said a lot of things,
And almost all go down the drain.

The grief of years have condensed right above my head,
And the Satan himself threatens to stab my soul,
I give him a sarcastic laugh laugh, and snap-
"Who will we stab, when there's no soul?"

The fire in my eyes is now dowsed with ice water,
The unseen, unheard and silent has got to me, perhaps,
Impossible to cope with, too hard to deal with,
The ghosts of past parading unwraps.

Now the blizzard removes the illusion in my eyes,
My mind plummets downwards, flashing a weak smile,
The hope has died entirely from within me, and I?
I give up the fight, give up the fight.
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