Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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A Father Of A Kind

In your dreams, you heard the sound of our laughter,
Of our feet, our impromptu song lyric,
You were asleep, yet so awake in your soul,
You relived the unforgettable moments of your fatherhood.

You were handsome when you slept,
that steady heart, those steady breaths,
And believe me,
It was more than enough to make me fall in love with you again.

You never gushed over my skills,
Never inflated my ego in any way,
But that was what made a,
Unique and bright day.

And today I cling to the perfect memory of you,
In snapshot your unwrapped personality,
It was golden, it was sacred,
Your face creased with loved and joy.

Now, I break down, and sink to my knees,
The breath pulling from my lungs,
When you be my wall, you say;
"Stay strong, speak with no man's tongues."
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