Diganta Kr Banik

November 7, 2000 - Kolkata
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They can’t hear me cry,
They shy away from my tears,
It’s within these caged walls,
I face my worst fears.

I long to be free
I want to run,
I want my freedom,
I want the open sun.

The day I saw light,
I saw myself behind the cages,
I never realized how I ended up here,
Now please o please let me be free for the ages.

When I see around,
I see my mates,
Everyone’s devastated,
Everyone surrendered to their fate.

How can you be so cruel?
How can you be so unkind?
To all my miseries,
Have you turned blind?

Our lives have become lifeless,
Our days have become a living hell,
Can’t you see these,
Which even the Gods can tell?

We feel like we are dead,
Even though we are breathing,
We just see darkness,
Even if we are living.

Our words are never answered,
Our cries never heard,
It’s been an eternity,
It’s just been our destiny.
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