Diana Irish

Hopkins, Michigan, USA

Time Shared

The birds, the squirrels, a sunrise, and a good friend
A walk through the woods hoping it would never end
Time of peace, time of joy, a campfire shared
Two friends, the simple things, just being there
Boating, fishing, exchanging of thoughts
Nonsense, reflections, traditions as taught
Free to be oneself, barriers gone from the start
Understanding with no words, respect of one's heart
A beautiful day and the sun was mounted high
Cotton candy clouds laced across the sky
Trumpeter swans lazily drifting the lake
Chipmunks running in the leaves, I hear the noise they make
Turtles sunning on the bank, geese on the shore
How could anyone ask for more
Vacation days are gone and the armor is put back in place
Time to go home, but these memories I have encased
So when future days are hard and peace I'm trying to find
I can return to the joy found in these days within my mind
So I thank you my friend for being there with me
And sharing those days of tranquility
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