Aloo Denish Obiero

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I am Africa, the cradle of mankind,
Where ancient footprints in the sands of time entwined,
The birthplace of humanity, divinely designed,
In my esteemed valleys, where life first aligned.

I am Africa, the cradle of civilization,
Where mighty empires rose with determination,
From the ancient Egypt's pyramids to the Great Zimbabwe walls,
From glorious Mali Empire to Kingdom of Kush, history recalls.

I am Africa, adorned with wonders untold,
From Victoria Falls, a sight to behold,
To the Serengeti, the great wildlife migration known,
The winding Nile River, nature's masterpiece shown.

I am Africa, land of majestic savannas,
Where lion roars and elephant wanders,
From Kilimanjaro's peak to the Rift Valley's floor,
Nature's grandeur timelessly spectacular, evermore.

I am Africa, rich in resources so rare,
From Congo's minerals beyond compare,
To Ghana's gold gleaming bright,
And Nigeria's oil, a source of might.

I am Africa, richly endowed with resources untold,
Diamonds, platinum, copper, and tantalum behold,
I offer fertile soils and abundant rainfall,
To sustain life's rhythm, from the great to the small.

I am Africa, proudly dark-skinned and beautiful,
Melanin-rich, skin kissed by the sun, dutiful,
From the Maasai warriors to the Zulu kings,
Cultures and values that makes a heart sings.

I am Africa, scarred by the slave trade's hand,
As ships sailed away with souls from my land,
The Atlantic's cruel passage, a harrowing tale,
Yet from that dark chapter, my resilience did prevail.

I am Africa, the sleeping lion now awake,
To reclaim my glory, no more to forsake,
I stand tall against any disdain, my destiny to behold,
Socially strong, economically stable, politically bold.

I am Africa, acknowledging and ready to confront my flaws,
To root out corruption and greed, oppressive laws,
United in accountability, good governance, equity, and might,
I march forward with determination, embracing the future's light.
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