Aloo Denish Obiero

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A voyage to the Uranus

Uranus, a wonder to explore,
A mystery to unravel and adore.
Seventh from the sun, a world of blue-green,
With secrets to unveil, like none you've seen.

Tilted axis, a unique sight,
At 98 degrees, it spins just right,
And negative 224 degrees Celsius,
Uranus is one of the coldest, no less.

Methane, hydrogen, and helium,
Uranus' atmosphere, a scientific realm,
Deeper within, a layer of ice,
A mantle of rock, so precise.

13 rings of dust and ice,
Water ice, their primary guise,
Faint and challenging to see,
Studying their composition, a scientific spree.

27 moons orbiting around,
Titania, the largest can be found,
Rock and water ice, its makeup,
Probing Uranus, a chance to shake up.

A cosmic task, a scientific call,
Uranus, a planet that mystifies us all,
Why explore its chemistry, you ask?
To know our place in this cosmic puzzle.
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