Daniel Shapovalov

May 21, 1999 - South Africa

Broken Heart, Better start

Watching birds fly by- always put me in a vibe.
Sad to say the vibe ain't as sublime as the time we used to spend together.

My car-
mountain view.
The only girl who knew me thru and thru.
I might be mad at you, but how could I ever forget you?

Only intention was to like ya' and put a ring on it,
guess the only ring I'm putting on is around my "Fuck you" I have reserved for him.
"That's life Dan" but life's gotta be better than heartbreak and booze
cause that's all I've got left to loose.
Blues- only feeling I call home.
Pictured you on a throne,
now all I'm seeing is how I've grown
from someone who knew nothing about love or trust.
Now I'm just a person who's lost all his love and trust.

Hard to imagine going back to something so surreal...
Only girl I ever needed to keep it real.

Looking back in my rear view- see my past catching up to me.
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