Daniel Pal

semtember 18 2002- suceava românia


I can't give up to you,
you've been by my side whatever i do
it hurts, i know but it will heal,
don't move, just breath and stand very still
an injury is healing by time,
if you touch it, it will spread,
keep this on your mind
I'm here for ya, as you were for me
trough all the pain that it is or will be
i tried to act cool, you tried to be normal
you read me i read you, we both know we're aching
be there for me, I'll be here for you
even if you're hurt or in pain or ok
it's normal, as we are, the life is not fair
karma, a bitch, don't act , doesn't care
people hurt people which have hurt people
and the the hurt becomes a steeple
no life no pain no emotion no love
a tower, a building, saw as a whole
the dark of the night the light of the sun,
can't change the way that we feel, who we are
we're broken, we're aching because of ourselves
the change can encounter, acceptance not knives
deep down in your soul i know you're not fine,
the fear, the rage , the unhealthy sign
if i caused you problems, if I hurt you,
we both know I'm sorry, I'm such a fool
a loser, nobody, means something to you,
he hurts you, you love him, he blames you for nothing
you don't care, i do, you didn't deserve it
I'm grateful for meeting someone so pure, so fateful
so brave but still so wise, so lucky, so good
you shouldn't forgive me, i just don't deserve this
i caused you pain, stress and remorse
i hate myself for every single word
the pressure you felt.. i caused that force
i know i won't forget myself for all of those
i know you can, but you really don't have to
be strong, just for me, for you and for us
if you can find power, to forget this ungrateful
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