Daniel Nyamai

Love at first sight

I don't know how and why,
But I'm sure we were meant to meet,
Wandering in the streets,
As I pondered on the realms of life.

And then I saw your smiling face,
Sending my heart to a jerk,
I felt like I had known you my whole life,
When I had never even met you before.

I hurried my steps towards your direction,
You just stood and stared in space,
I will never know what was in your mind,
And I wanted to hold you, never to let go.

And then it happened in a sudden,
Some say he was a drunk and disorderly driver,
Swerved into the lanes and to the point where she stood,
I could never believe the sight before my eyes.

I never got the chance to know her name,
Not even an opportunity to say goodbye,
People spoke in low tones as they tried to understand,
And that was my love at first sight gone.
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