Inverted Soul

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Slow Strangle

As I slowly strangle,
feet still on the floor.
Noose to tight to scream,
but not to ignore.

Not destine to stay,
or to live in this place.
I'm not in hurry.
life is not a footrace.

I am unable to grasp,
all my delusions aside,
I rest all my reasons
while cognition subsides.

Without my emotions,
to deaden the blows
will I make it through this
nobody knows??

Strangling so slowly,
I exist if i stay
but my life is so tragic,
that i would rather decay!!

In this nightmare, My dream
is troubled to see.
Why in the Hell don't I
just drop to my knees??

Bounded by which way to go
not any one reason
no reasons to stay.

Why even here,
I have been given no guide,
breathe or suffocate,
Have I already died??
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