Inverted Soul

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Blue Shade of Sickness

When nothing is left,
I won't tell
what I'm about to do??

Forever, that feeling of spent!!

Indecisions, clouded with tunnel vision,
funneled down to one last thought!!
It boomerangs back to me,
while the rest scatter
from a catapult.

In a frozen state,
a film and fog surrounds me.
With a blood red stain.
This soul is begining to bleed.

Fear is spreading through me
and my mind cannot rest,
Paranoia follows me
like some kind of pest.

I have faded away,
then fell out of place.
Emotions aside
as all my thoughts race.

I can't remember my name,
memory has gone blank.
Vacant stories to tell,
all erased and replaced.

Nonexistence, Insane!!

I won't go away!!
That's what causes the pain!!!

Deaths haunting me,
like screams from a nest.
The pistol is my grip,
on my lip, there it rests.

To decide not to stay,
or live in this place.
It's to hard to scream,
without any face.

So off into the void,
Just to escape all the noise.
Because when it all turns black
there just is no going back...........
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