Correina MacRae


Times have been tough
but we’ve made it through
and through most of these times
I admit
I probably could not have made
it without you
You are a part of my soul that
I cannot escape
Our future together I leave
in the hands of our fate
To look back on the years
they’ve gone by so fast
I hope the future for us
is better than most of our past.
I can’t believe the time thats gone by
I’ve forgotten all the bad things
and can remember all the good things
by looking into your eyes.
The ocean, the sky,
the mountains so high, the future the
past and the things that will and wont last
These are some things that remind me of you
and I just want you to know that no matter
what happens from this day on
Just remember that I always have and
always will love you.
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