Correina MacRae


There’s a warm wind
Blowing over the prairies,
Can you feel it? .
There’s a crisp texture
To the air,
Can you smell it? .
There’s a coyote howling
In the distance
Can you hear it? .
There’s fresh, clean snow
Falling to this province,
Can you taste it? .
I can, I can feel it, smell it,
Hear it, taste it.
I love it, I live it
This is my home,
This quiet, gentle place.
The wheat fields and the deer,
The small towns and little schools,
I love to live here.
Saskatchewan, land of the
Living skies.
The place where all your dreams
Have the chance to fly.
This province, I love it,
This is the place,
Where I will forever call,
My home.
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