Correina MacRae


Your gonna go I can’t make you stay,
you feel that you have to help your country
but they are just so far away.
I know you feel it’s noble and a journey
to say the least, and I know I shouldn’t worry,
you promised you’d come back to me.

Now the war is over, only you broke your
promise your not home.
People still call you noble and a hero
because you had to go.
You wrote me and you told me that
the war is the scariest place that you have
ever been.
You tell me that you love me lots,
and that what you are doing is not the least bit
noble it’s a sin.

You wrote to me and said you pray for
forgiveness every night, for what you’ve done.
But you don’t think that you deserve it though
because what you hold in your hand each day
is not a bible to worship, but a gun to kill.
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