Correina MacRae

Four Years Ago

Four years ago
you said to me,
“Here for you, I sware
I’ll always be.”
Now a days, it seems
like you want nothing
to do with me.

“I love you” is a useless
saying, it means nothing
to you, nore I.
Letting you go will be
a good thing, neither of us
needs each other by our sides.

Four years ago,
it’s certainly been awhile.
From then to now
I’ve barely seen you smile,
neither of us are happy
with each other and
we keep looking past.
We both know now
and knew then, that our
love would never last.

It’s been four years
and a lot has gone on.
I’ve found a new strength,
between then and now.
I will never forget how we
felt together, however,
it’s time to say, “Good-bye”
and it’s now or never.
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