Corey Alpough

November 22, 1994 - Houston TX
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The Ville

The Ville, established in 1948.
Despite the violence it was a place that made me great.

Killers, robbers, crackheads too.
Wasn’t really scared cause that’s all we knew.
Mother, Father, Auntie’s and Uncles,
They was raised in the Ville like a lion in the jungle.
Big family so they came with a rumble,
bad influences that can make you stumble,
maybe even crumble.

In the Ville your not living in some royalty,
raised in the streets so it’s all about your loyalty
Product of my environment that’s what they say,
might as well dig a hole six feet and lay

Luckily for me I came from a family with love,
so when they let me free I can fly like a dove
In the Ville you either fly or you high,
and no I’m not talking like a bird in the sky
I’m talking about that white stuff that can make you die,
people tapping on your shoulder saying give it a try

Hold on, let me shed some light on my hood.
I don’t want y’all thinking that it wasn’t no good

Yeah we had some hard times in our community,
lost some heroes but we all about the unity
We a family in the Ville,
the only place that I know gone keep it real
It’s something that you really have to feel,
but take your time cause it can hit you like a pill

In the Ville it’s full of love and care,
people don’t judge you by the things you wear
You could be at your lowest and you still won’t tear

The Ville is the place where I was raised,
Sometimes it can put you through a maze
Despite its problems I’m really thankful for the Ville,
can’t complain cause it taught me how to live
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